domenica 13 novembre 2016

In a toy shop (grade 5)

There are 2 possible games: one is called "White Elephant" and one "Change White Elephant.

Ideas for playing team gemes

Idea 1: Divide your class in two teams.
Open the "White Elephant" activity in two different pages and assing one page to each team.
The members of the two teams have to take turns to go shopping and ask for a toy using the correct questions (see the pdf exercises). They can't spend more than 20 £ so when they think they can't afford any further item they must say stop.
The team who spend the biggest amount of money (within 20£) is the winner

Idea 2: Open the "Change White Elephant" page. Divide the class in 2 teams. Children come to the IWB in pairs: they ask for a toy each and then they have to pay. If they can calculate the correct change, they get a point for their team. The team that gets more points is the winner.

This is a very good crosscurricular activity: students speak English and practice maths in an involving virtual context.

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