venerdì 29 aprile 2016

Build a calendar (Grade 4)

First of all let's start our work with some key words:

Open the folder in the link, find a page you want to modify, download it to your computer and start working on it: change picture, choose the languages you want to use in the calendar and remame the month, the days, check if the dates are ok, or modify them, add your festivals and holidays, and make up a cover for your calendar. When your pages are ready, you can print your own calendar (A3 format).

If you want to share the work with your class, enter the virtual class in Edmodo 

PS: a tip for teachers!
If you want to start using a virtual class on Edmodo, but your students have not yet their own email address, try this: 
- register as a teacher 
- create a class (you just have to make up a name for your class, for example "The Bears") 
- register a number of students (the number depends on the number of computers you are using): for each student you have to create a USERNAME (that on Edmodo is a number) and a password
- write usernames and passwords on cardboards and give a cardboard to each student (or group of students)
Now you are ready to start working and sharing with your students! 

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