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Primary school in UK

RIIIIING: it's time for school!

Do you know when children go to school in the UK?
What's their timetable?
and subjects?
and school calendar?
and what is a primary school like in Britain?
Do they wear a uniform?
and what's the school system?

Many questions need answers...
Let's begin visiting a school: click on the picture and take a virtual tour...

After the tour let's look for some information about the School System in the UK: children start primary school at the age of 4/5: (click on the table below)

What subjects do they study at school?

English, Maths, Science, Information Technology (Computers), Religious Education (RE), Design and Technology, History, GeographyArt, Music and Physical Education (PE). In some schools they study French as a second language.

Structure of a typical school day

09.00am - Registration
09.10am - School Assembly
09.30am - Literacy Hour
10.30am - Break-time
10.45am - Numeracy Hour
11.45am - Subject class
12.15pm - Lunch
13.30pm - Afternoon Registration
13.35pm - Classes
14.45pm - Break-time
15.00pm - Classes
15.30pm - End of school day

School is important, but what about holidays? :)

The school calendar

The school year is 39 weeks long:

the school year starts in September and finishes in July:

The main school holidays are:

Christmas- 2 weeks
Spring/Easter - 2 weeks
Summer - 6 weeks

There are also one week holidays:

end of October
mid February
end of May


At what age do children start school in Britain?

The statutory school age in England, Wales and Scotland is from 5 years to 16 years.

Do children wear a school uniform?

Most school in Uk require children to wear a school uniform.
Do you want to become a fashion designer for one day and project a uniform for your school?

If you've got more questions, visit this page.

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